What will regulation under the Health and Care Professions Council mean for you?

Wed.01.Aug.2012 - 14:00 UTC

As you are probably aware, as a social worker in England you will from 1st August come under the umbrella of the Health and Care Professions Council (formerly the Health Professions Council), in a move which is hoped will raise standards in the profession.

If you’re a social worker in England, the move to the independent regulator the HCPC will bring you into line with national standards that other health and care professionals such as occupational therapists and psychologists must adhere to.

These changes throw up a multitude of questions: How does the HCPC Registration process work? What is the difference between the GSCC and HCPC? What are the HCPC’s standards of conduct, performance and ethics? How can I be sure I am meeting requirements for continuing professional development (CPD)? If you want to know the answers to these questions or anything else regarding the change in regulation then send your questions in to Marc Seale, Chief Executive of HCPC, and Joanna Nicolas, Independent Social Worker who will be live online on 1st August to answer them, and any other queries you may have.