What is SPF?

Thu.27.Jun.2013 UTC

Even with the temperature rising in the UK and summer holidays on the horizon new research has shown that many Britons are failing to protect themselves against sun damage.

It seems we are not taking the necessary precautions, especially when the skies are overcast, even though the sun is still damaging. Research conducted by P20 has revealed that when abroad in overcast weather 44% of men and 29% of women do not use sun protection.

The research also found there is a shocking 87% of us not aware what SPF actually means.  Are you one of the people who are confused by what SPF means? Do you know what you’re looking for when buying sun protection? Do you even know the difference between products that protect against UVA and UVB?

If you are confused about what to look out for when preparing for the warmer months, watch our video with Dr. Jonathan Bowling FRCP, consultant dermatologist, specialist in skin cancer diagnosis and treatment, to reveal all we need to know about sun protection.