What are the most common concerns when trying for a baby?

Tue.22.Oct.2013 UTC

There are numerous issues that countless couples face when they are trying for a baby, from how long it will take to get pregnant to ‘performance anxiety’ and the best age for conception.

One of the most common concerns is how long it takes to get pregnant. On average it takes around six months to a year but it’s not unusual for it to take longer. Keeping your stress levels in check, making sure you have a balanced diet and are not over or under weight can all help to ensure your baby making cells are healthy.

If you have any concerns about trying for a baby, from how long it will take to what nutrients are required for a healthy pregnancy, watch our video with Zita West, practicing midwife, acupuncturist and nutritional advisor who has teamed up with First Response to provide you with top tips and advice.

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