Spotlight on IT issues for small businesses

Wed.02.Nov.2011 - 15:00 UTC

There’s no debating IT is at the heart of the majority of small businesses in the UK these days; not only from the way in which we run our businesses day to day, but also increasingly in the way we engage with  customers.

But the reality is that most small businesses don’t have a specialist IT department dedicated to making sure this most crucial side of the business runs smoothly.

Often it’s left to the business owner to give employees basic training in everything from everyday use to codes of conduct and security procedures, the last of these being increasingly important as hacking and online fraud become more targeted at small businesses.

Despite this new research shows that businesses spend more money on things like tea bags than they do on IT security.

Establishing an IT code of conduct is more important than ever, especially now that many employees are working remotely using laptops and a range of mobile devices.

How do you make sure your systems are safe when your employees are not even at their desks?

Bryan Verster from Entrepreneur Country, a community of entrepreneurs and small business mentors work with many SMBs to help them overcome common issues in their quest for growth and prosperity.

Log on to our web TV show where Bryan talks about how to get your employees IT skills up to scratch to help them help your business grow, while Robert Gorby from AVG gives his top IT security tips to make sure your business is safe today and stays safe in the future.