Spotlight On Heart Health

Mon.21.May.2012 - 15:00 UTC

High cholesterol and high blood pressure are the biggest causes of heart disease and if left untreated or not managed correctly, seriously increase your risk of heart attack or a stroke.

Yet while these conditions are manageable with diet, exercise and medication, many who live with the conditions often struggle to keep themselves healthy, while even more worryingly, some of us don’t even know we have them.

So what are the tell tales signs of high cholesterol and high blood pressure and what should you do if you suspect you could be suffering from one or both?

And if you are diagnosed by your doctor what is the best course of action to keep yourself and in particular your heart healthy? Does medication really help or is it a matter of cutting out unsaturated fat and salt from your diet and heading out for regular walks? What should you do if you’re having problems with medication?

If you are looking for answers to any of these questions then log on to our Web TV Show where the British Heart Foundation’s resident GP Dr Mike Knapton gives you the rundown on heart health and managing high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

He’ll be joined by a panel of experts including pharmacist Dr Mahendra Pateland and Jill Wakeford who will talk about how she now manages to live a healthy life thanks to medication, diet and exercise.

Dr Mike Knapton, pharmacist Dr Mahendra Patel and high cholesterol sufferer Jill Wakeford join us live online at on Monday 21st May at 3pm.

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