Social workers to face tougher regulations

Wed.01.Aug.2012 - 14:45 UTC

From the 1st August all social workers in England will come under new regulation and if you use a social worker these changes will affect you too.

The changes will mean social workers will now be under the umbrella of the Health and Care Professions Council (formerly the Health Professions Council), which will bring them into line with national standards that other health and care professionals such as occupational therapists and psychologists adhere to.

It’s a move which is hoped will raise standards in the profession and cut down on poor social work practice. 

But what exactly will this mean for you? How will it improve the care that you get now? And what will it mean if you have concerns about the standard of care you or someone you know is receiving?

If you have questions about the new regulations then log on to our live webTV show where Marc Seale (Chief Executive of HCPC) and Joanna Nicolas an Independent Social Worker will be on hand to answer all your questions and dispel any worries you may have.