Pet Parasites - the ones to watch and how to prevent them

Wed.11.Sep.2013 - 14:23 UTC
Pet Parasites - the ones to watch and how to pr...
AIRED ON Wed.11.Sep.2013 - 14:23 UTC

Although most of us owners know that we need to regularly use parasite protection treatments for our pets to keep them happy and healthy, you can be forgiven for finding it difficult to remember when and how frequently.

And while some parasites such as fleas and ticks may not be fatal, other more deadly types such as the lungworm Angiostrongylus vasorum can be fatal to dogs, which has experts urging pet owners to take the matter of parasite protection seriously and administer preventative treatments regularly.

To help pet owners the ‘It’s a Jungle Out There’ programme has launched a FREE  app for pet owners, offering a bespoke parasite treatment reminder service.

Join our live WebTV show with Luke Gamble and James Haskell to get the low down on what pet parasites you need to be looking out for and what warning signs your pet might exhibit should the worst case present itself, and how to prevent the nasty parasites in the first place! Tune in at 2:30pm on 11th September.