Parents urged to bring back the 'walk to school'

Tue.02.Oct.2012 - 14:00 UTC

Previous generations didn’t bat an eyelid at kids walking to school on their own, often alone, along main roads and carrying heavy book bags and gym kits.

Fast forward to 2012 and many parents are now understandably wary about letting their little ones travel to school on foot. For some mums and dads it’s just easier to take the kids to school in the car, whilst others report concerns about meeting strangers or speeding traffic.

October is International Walk to School month and charity Living Streets, supported by official sponsor Start-rite Shoes, is urging parents and schools across the UK to bring back the walk to school. 

With one in three children obese by the time they leave primary school, parents could be making a big difference to their children’s health by simply introducing something that used to be a normal part of the school day for previous generations.

But with research by Start-rite Shoes revealing that almost one in five children never walk to school, and one in six does so less than once per week, why should you be encouraging your children to walk to school and what simple steps can you take to make sure they’re safe and well prepared?

Log onto our live and interactive webTV show with Phillipa Hunt from Living Streets and Andrew Alderton from Start-Rite, where they will discuss the benefits of walking to school and address common parental concerns. 

Phillipa Hunt from Living Streets and Andrew Alderton from Start-rite joins us live online on Tuesday 2nd October at 2pm.