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One in Four Brits has fallen victim to a scam

Fri.02.Dec.2016 UTC

A quarter of British adults, around 13 million, have been the victim of a scam with the average person losing more than £400. 

That’s according to new research released today by Santander which saw two fifths of people who have been scammed say, at the time of the scam they felt as if something suspicious was going on, however 17% ignored their gut feeling and a further 15% say with hindsight they should have noticed something was wrong.

The latest online figures show losses of almost £11 billion to the UK economy as a result of fraud.

Yet worryingly, 14% of people say they would do something they are uncomfortable with when put under pressure and one in eight would reply to an email from somebody they didn’t know.

A social experiment also conducted to coincide with the research saw people asked in a shopping centre to complete ‘market research’ including giving their names, date of birth, email address, bank account details and NI number. 85% of those asked gave all of those details freely.