New solar energy scheme launches to allow Britain's SMEs to significantly reduce their energy bills

Wed.06.Nov.2013 UTC

A scheme set up to allow Britain’s small businesses to save  money by tapping into the growing demand for alternative energy by converting their roofs to mini solar farms will today announce the first 70 partnerships across the UK.

As part of the new Energy Bonds scheme, farmers and factory owners can convert their roof space to mini solar farms at no cost to themselves in exchange for significantly reduced energy bills.  The solar panels collect energy from the sun, even on cloudy days, and convert it to electricity.

The scheme is possible due to the government’s commitment to providing subsidies to green businesses and underwriting energy efficient schemes in order to meet Kyoto Protocol carbon emission reduction targets.

Today’s announcement follows a growing interest and increase in similar schemes across Britain. At the end of 2011, 230,000 solar powered projects were already up in running in the UK generating 750 megawatts which had increased to 1,000 MW by February 2012.

Furthermore, last year the government predicted that around four million homes across the nation would be powered by the sun by 2020.

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