How to cure gum disease?

Wed.08.Jan.2014 UTC

When we think about a healthy smile, many of us will automatically focus on the teeth, but there is another part of our mouth that makes up the picture - our gums. Gums play an important role in your mouth. Healthy gums fit tightly around your teeth, and help to keep them in place and strong. They also cover and protect bone and root fibers underneath creating a barrier from harmful plaque and bacteria.

Despite the significance of healthy gums, research does suggest that the majority of UK adults either show signs of gum disease, or will experience it at least once in their lifetime. So why is there a distinct sign of apathy when it comes to maintaining our gums? Could it be that people don’t actually realise what a large part healthy gums play in oral health? Did you know that one of the worst side effects of poor gum health is your teeth falling out?

To swot up on oral health, watch our video in association with LISTERINE®  with Harley Street dentist Anthony Zybutz who answers some of the most common gum health queries, as well as giving his expert advice on the underlying causes of gum disease, and what the warning signs are to look out for.

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