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Katie Morley slams current pension system in her new report

Thu.30.Jan.2014 UTC

Under 30s in danger of retiring in poverty - says report slamming current pension system
Comprehensive report released today by Investors Chronicle authored by 25-year-old award winning personal finance writer Katie Morley at Investors Chronicle
A third of 20-somethings say they "have so little money that saving for pensions is the least of their concerns", with top reasons being student loans, youth unemployment, rising accommodation costs and lower wages
More than one in three under 30s aren't confident the government will provide them with a basic state pension in old age and one in five don't trust pension providers
Young people should demand better pensions by lobbying their employers and local MPs, and by making sure they vote.
Calls for under 30s to be removed from the current pension system and moved into transparent 'Giant funds' that could increase pension value by a third

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