How To Train Like A Saracens Player

Fri.24.Jan.2014 UTC

With New Year resolves slowly fading, how many of us would like to get fitter and have a healthier diet but are lacking the skills to implement these changes.

Recent research among 1,000 office workers shows that 47% do less than an hour of exercise a week, over half are worried about their weight (with only 31% being the right weight for their height) and 53% fear for their health. 

The lifestyle of an office worker does nothing to help the situation, 24% would like to exercise more but can’t fit it into their working day and don’t have time once they get home. Many skip breakfast because they’re in a rush to commute to the office and once they’re at their desk many stay there most of the day.

A group of men who don’t sit around all day is the Saracens Rugby Team. So together with Sanlam Private Investments they’ve created the Ultimate Office Fitness Guide, a brilliant range of exercises that even the most time-poor of us can fit into a hectic day.

This video features behind the scenes footage of the players training and the team’s fitness coaches who will give you a few hints and tips on fitness and diet improvements that can be implemented in the office.

To download the full Ultimate Office Fitness Guide go to