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How to speed up an insurance claim

Tue.16.Jul.2013 UTC

When it comes to customer service, there’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re being dealt with unsympathetic and rude staff. However, as the new critical service index report ‘Are You Being Served?’ commissioned byTogether Mutual Insurance reveals, we’ve come to expect below par customer service.

Despite being a nation that is reasonably easy to please with customer service, we have still come to expect poor standards in the UK. 84% of UK consumers say they'd be happy with just an acceptable level of customer service, while 68% of us simply want to be treated like a human being. It’s perhaps surprising to see that as customers, all we’ve come to expect is average, or below average service and a further 62% of customers expect bad service from financial services.

Ian Cracknell, CEO of new launch home insurance brand, Together Mutual Insurance advises customers that this needn’t be the case. Anybody seeking to make a home insurance claim can ensure they have a speedier service by providing essential information and evidence for themselves.

Watch our video to get tips on what you need to have to hand to make sure you can make a painless claim.