How to get to know your body when trying for a baby

Tue.22.Oct.2013 UTC

If you’ve decided to try for a baby you might feel ready emotionally, but is your body prepared for the task ahead? To boost your chances of a healthy pregnancy you need to fully understand your body and fulfil its needs with some preconception planning.

For most women your fertile time will be between day 10 and 18 of your cycle. This varies from month to month for each individual, but there are fertile signs you can look out for.

During a woman’s fertile time, regular sex is essential for conception. It is important for a woman to work out when her individual fertile time is, but if you choose not to do this then the more sex you have, the greater your chance of conception.

Contrary to common belief, the body has amazing ways to help sperm on its journey to the egg and there is no need to try gymnastic style sex positions to help sperm on its journey.

If you are trying to conceive or know someone who is, watch our video with Zita West who has teamed up with First Response to provide advice on how to get to know your body and work out when your most fertile time is.

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