How often do you do it?

Wed.16.Oct.2013 UTC

England & Wasps rugby player and dog lover James Haskell is today helping to launch a new pet app, ‘Jungle for Pets’ which will help pet owners remember when it’s time to treat their pets for parasites and with which product.

James says: “Regular parasite prevention medication is an important way of keeping your pets safe all year round and thanks to the new Jungle for Pets app, thousands of dog lovers like myself will find it a lot easier to remember when it’s time to give them their latest dose.”

The light hearted video carries a serious message though… while some parasites such as fleas and ticks may not be fatal, other more deadly types such as the lungworm Angiostrongylus vasorum can be fatal to dogs, which has experts urging pet owners to take the matter of parasite protection seriously and administer preventative treatments regularly.

The app is launched to co-inside with new research which shows that only half of pet owners regularly get their pets treated with parasite prevention treatments; while one in five don’t bother at all, with around 40% admitting they forget to administer parasite prevention treatment.

To help pet owners the ‘It’s a Jungle Out There’ programme has launched the FREE app for pet owners, offering a bespoke parasite treatment reminder service.  

The research pointed to the fact that it’s the women of the house who bear the burden of responsibility, with 54% of women being responsible for administering the majority of their pet’s parasite medication, compared to just 32% of men.

Here is a little something as both a reward to those women and also to help make remembering a little easier…