Fulfilment at work - Live event with Alain de Botton Highlights

Tue.05.Nov.2013 UTC

Fulfilment at work is a key issue for employees and employers alike. From an employer’s perspective a happy workforce is a good workforce and levels of commitment to an organisation and job have long been linked with how professionally fulfilled an employee feels. Do your staff feel like they are getting enough training, do they feel valued, do they think that they are actually part of a team that is working together towards an end goal – all key questions any employer should ask themselves.

So what is the knock on effect of having unfulfilled employees? What can employers do to help their staff feel fulfilled?

Watch ‘An Audience with Alain de Botton’, celebrated contemporary philosopher and author of ‘The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work’, as he presents his views.

You will also be the first to hear the latest findings on this important subject from a new Randstad report into ‘[email protected]