Doing more with less - join the debate

Tue.08.Oct.2013 - 12:51 UTC

Business success should be built on questioning what is possible, and in the current climate, that question is more critical than ever before.

With tomorrow’s success dependent on our ability to find intelligent solutions to the everyday sustainability challenges that we face, what role can and should business play?

In the wake of Ban Ki-moon’s address and with just two years to go until the world is set to come together under the UNFCCC (the branch of the UN responsible for coordinating climate action), to arrange a globally binding deal, we’ve assembled industry experts to share their thoughts and explain what can be achieved at a corporate level.

Join our live webTV show with Dax Lovegrove from WWF, Martin Chilcott from 2degrees and   AkzoNobel’s Director of Sustainability, André Veneman. They will be debating sustainability and whether it is possible to deliver more value from ever diminishing resources.

Do you have a question on sustainability that you’d like to put to the panel?