Cooking for kids? Don't make a meal of it

Wed.15.Oct.2008 - 15:00 UTC

As economic circumstances combined with some bewildering health messages, the once straightforward business of feeding the kids has become a minefield of worry and doubt for many of the nation's parents and carers. 62% of mums confess to worrying that they're not giving their children meals that are both tasty and nutritious, and four out of ten say that never having as much time as they want to prepare meals is a major cause for concern.

Our webchat aims to take the pressure off families at mealtimes. Dr Pat Spungin and nutritionist Dr Carrie Ruxton will be answering your questions about how you can balance healthy options for your kids with the simplicity of preparation to give yourself a break. Old prejudices about convenience foods are now being challenged by modern products based on real high quality ingredients. Log on to the chat for Drs Pat and Carrie's advice on which convenience foods can not only save you time and effort, but which are also perfectly healthy for your family to tuck into.

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