Brits Ignorant of Home Heritage

Fri.29.May.2009 UTC
Brits Ignorant of Home Heritage
RECORDED ON Fri.29.May.2009 UTC

Over half of Brits don't know where Hadrian's Wall is!

Over half of us are planning to take short breaks here in the UK this year, with more than four in ten more likely to holiday in Britain this year than previously. While this is potentially great news for British tourism, new research has revealed some serious knowledge gaps about precisely what is on offer, right here on our doorstep.

According to the study by destination marketing agency NewcastleGateshead Initiative, when confronted with an image of Hadrian's Wall (the UK's greatest Roman monument) over half were unaware it was even in Britain. 27% assumed it was in Canada, 16% plumped for Finland and a confused 10% placed the photo in Alaska.

Over a third of the polled respondents admitted to putting more into research of foreign tourist destinations than UK hotspots and 29% admitted they are more likely to visit historic landmarks when they go abroad.

For those of us keen to holiday at home this year, it's clear we need to do more research to get the most out of our time away. Coming soon, listen to our top tips with archaeologist Bill Griffiths and Carol Bell head of programme development for North East England's cultural programme (culture10).

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