Food And Drink

Be a smart shopper and beat the squeeze

Wed.08.Oct.2008 - 15:00 UTC

Just because times are tight, it doesn't have to mean that your belt has to be too. Smarter shoppers all over the nation are waking up to the notion that with just a little thought and application, they can make their household budgets go further without having to compromise on taste or quality. There are simple steps to minimising waste and expense, and our webchat with financial expert Jasmine Birtles and Love Pork’s home economist Clare Greenstreet will show you how to take them.

From common sense advice on budgeting and forward planning to getting up to speed with the inexpensive essentials everyone should keep in the cupboard or the fridge, Jasmine and Claire have the answers to all your questions about how to turn a sour economic situation into a sweet treat for your wallet-and your family's taste buds. After all, why stump up for herbs or veg when a packet of seeds and a window box can get you both for a fraction of the price? Clare will also be talking about different cuts of meat which can be overlooked but are often better value for money. Canny consumers won’t want to miss out on Clare’s delicious suggestions for recipes on a shoestring, so for those and much more, log on the chat.

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