Responsible Pet Owner's Valentine's Day Special

Fri.14.Feb.2014 - 12:00 UTC

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day when millions of us lavish gifts on our better halves, however millions more also use the day to show our pets how much we love them. But how many of us would like some advice on getting the everyday things right when providing the very best care for our pets? 
New research shows that one in four of us will spend Valentine’s Day with our pets and from showering them with pet treats, to dressing them in adorable lovable pet outfits; Valentine’s Day for pet lovers is all about showing our pampered pets just how much they mean to us! 
However there’s more to being a loving pet owner than treats and outfits. Diet, exercise and regular health check-ups also play a key role in any pet’s wellbeing.
Making sure our pets are safe at all times is also vital, yet just under half of us have not had our animals micro-chipped, with a third believing our pet won’t run away or get lost.
This Valentine’s Day Bayer has joined with vet Emma Milne to give pet owners the most up-to-date info on how to love their pet responsibly.
From portion sizes to the correct level of exercise to micro chipping and health check-ups, Emma has plenty of advice and will take your questions this Valentine’s Day.