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Are you too nervous to cook something different this Christmas?

Fri.13.Dec.2013 UTC
Are you too nervous to cook something different...
RECORDED ON Fri.13.Dec.2013 UTC

 Bored with brussel sprouts?  Tired of Turkey? Just not fussed about eating the same old festive fare? Then listen up because apparently you’re not alone. According to research released today one in 5 of us lack the confidence to be more adventurous when it comes to choosing what we cook (and eat) at Christmas – even though we’d like to.  And surprisingly it’s younger people who feel the need to stick with tradition while the over-55s are more open to the idea of doing something different. So for those who are interested in giving their Christmas dinner a bit of a makeover, our reporter Giles Draper was joined by chef Jonathan Moore and Christmas Product Developer at Waitrose Tracey Anderson.