Good Causes

Anti Bullying Week Highlights

Tue.20.Nov.2012 UTC

Being at school is tough enough without bullying being involved; but when it is, things can get a whole lot harder and even seem unbearable.

Being a victim of bullying can make you feel incredibly low, lonely and affect your self-esteem. As a child it can make you withdraw from subjects and activities that you enjoy and are good at.

Being a target of bullying can happen to absolutely anyone – even those we would never expect. Millie Mackintosh, Star of E4's hit show Made in Chelsea, was bullied at boarding school. Now a famous reality star, her fabulous life makes it hard to believe that she was bullied and how insecure that has made her feel still to this day.

As part of Anti-bullying week, which runs from 19th - 23th November,  Lauren Seager-Smith from the Anti-Bullying Alliance and Millie Mackintosh will be joining us live, on behalf the National Children’s Bureau, to discuss what you can do if you or your child is being bullied and the support that you can receive.