All About Acne

Wed.30.Mar.2011 - 16:00 UTC

Well over 80% of the UK population will suffer from acne at some point in their lives, and for teens the condition can often lead to more serious issues resulting in low confidence, low self esteem, shyness and even depression. However, teens are not the only ones affected and the incidence of acne in women in their 20’s is on the increase.

Acne can affect anyone, at any age and there are a serious number of misconceptions around what causes it and how it impacts sufferers, both from a psychological perspective, as well as a physical one.

In light of this, the recently founded Acne Academy has undertaken the largest survey of its kind in the UK to provide a valuable insight into just how teenagers with acne are perceived by adults and their peers. The results provide a valuable insight to the extent people with acne are negatively perceived and the long term psychological impact it can have.

The findings also reveal the level to which concerns over their appearance dominate teenagers’ lives and that they are further exacerbated by social networking sites with photosharing facilities, encouraging their generation to obsess over photos of themselves like never before. For people suffering from acne, there literally is nowhere to hide.

If acne is negatively affecting your life then log onto our live show where Dr Hilary Jones from The Acne Academy will be on hand to answer all your questions.

Dr Hilary Jones joins us live online to discuss the issue of acne and talk about the Acne Academy, which has been set up to help people cope with the condition.

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