Acne and Your Teen

Wed.30.Mar.2011 - 16:30 UTC

Well over 80% of the UK population will suffer from acne at some point in their lives, for teens the condition can seem so serious that it leads to low confidence, low self esteem, shyness and even depression.

In light of this, the recently founded Acne Academy has undertaken the largest survey of its kind in the UK to provide a valuable insight into just how teenagers with acne are perceived by adults and their peers.   The results provide a valuable insight in to the extent to which teenagers with acne are negatively perceived and aims to highlight the long term psychological impact acne can have if it is not managed properly.

But it seems the preoccupation with social media could be making the issue of acne so much worse for today’s teenagers than previous generations as teens obsess over photos like never before and the research unveils some staggering lengths teenagers would go to to get rid of their acne forever.

But are parents taking these concerns seriously? The actual reality of how a teenager feels and how a parent thinks they feel may be very different. Many parents may assume it is just something they’ll ‘grow out of’ yet this might not be the case. Consequently, it is especially important to recognise the signs if your teen is not coping well with acne worries; acne is a very common problem that can cause a great deal of distress, but the long- term consequences that can result from it, including scarring and confidence issues, need consideration also.

Are you worried about your teenager? Are you concerned about their condition? Log onto our live show where Dr Hilary Jones from The Acne Academy and parenting expert Judy Reith will be on hand to answer all your questions. They will be joined by an acne sufferer herself.

Dr Hilary Jones, Parenting Expert Judy Reith and an acne sufferer is joining us live online to discuss the issue of acne and talk about The Acne Academy, which has been set up to help teens and their parents cope with the condition.

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